If you will book through Airbnb and if you’re unable to resolve a travel issue with your host, you should consider the Airbnb-Guest-Refund-Policy

Valid circumstances for the Airbnb-Guest-Refund-Policy

  • The host fails to provide reasonable access to the booked listing.
  • Misrepresentation of the listing (ex: number of bedrooms, location, lacks promised amenities).
  • The listing isn’t generally clean, is unsafe, or there’s an animal in the listing that wasn’t disclosed prior to booking.

Airbnb will either provide you with a refund or use reasonable efforts to find and book another comparable accommodation for any unused nights left on your reservation. The amount of any refund will depend on the nature of the travel issue.

To submit a valid claim for your reservation:

  • Contact Airbnb to bring the travel issue to the Airbnb staff attention. If you notice the issue during check-in, contact them within 24 hours. If the issue occurs during your stay, contact them right away. They’ll ask you to provide photographs or other documentation that show what you’re experiencing.

The Airbnb staff will require that you:

  • Are responsive to the staff requests for additional information and cooperation.
  • Have not directly or indirectly caused the travel issue.
  • Have used reasonable efforts to remedy the circumstances with the host prior to making a claim, including messaging your host on Airbnb to notify them of the issue. The Airbnb staff will verify this in your account.
Host accepting refund request via Resolution Center flow

If the payment fails, the guest will not be refunded. If this happens, the guest or host can click “Involve Airbnb” which will create a ticket.


Follow this link for more informations about Airbnb-Guest-Refund-Policy